Herbal Farm


We represent the Specialised Herbal Farm with long-term tradition. We have grown herbs for almost 25 years, mainly: arnica, peppermint, ribwort plantain, melissa, sage, nettle, and thyme. It is especially important for us to ensure the high quality of our products, so as to satisfy every customer.


We distribute and sell: arnica, peppermint and ribwort plantain. We offer the best quality and competitive prices.

"...Presently, doctors, pharmacists and the whole society wakes up to invaluable properties of herbs and active substances, which often restore health to ill people, and which come from the most prolific source: nature..."

Currently herbal medicines are more often and eagerly used, and the list of such medicines extends every year. New plant-based medicines are introduced, having efficient performance and being in the form of a modern easy-to-apply medicine. Commonly known are portioned herbs for disposable brewing.

There are plenty of herbal medicines in a modern form, such as: granules, lozenges, aerosols. But the way to the kind of herbalism we see today has been very long.

Herbal medicine dates back to ancient times. People have always searched for medical means to fight diseases, and herbs played here a major role. People living in harmony with nature felt its strength and subconsciously gained form it.